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  Pilates is a series of technical and precise exercises designed to engage the 'powerhouse' of the core muscles to support your posture in all activities: training for optimal efficiency and proper use. Pilates is a low-impact, low-sweat activity performed mostly on the floor, but it will change your body, improve balance and invigorate your yoga practice. It's great for those working into headstand and handstand, or just wanting to firm up their midsection.
  Ashtanga is a system of yoga-asana built on set series of postures (Primary, Intermediate, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th series) desiged by Pattabhi Jois. It is an invigorating, challenging approach to asana, in which postures are joined by vigorous flowing motion called Vinyasa. Most suitable for fit beginners and those who enjoy athletic challenge. Those who are looking to build strength or who are intimidated by the purported 'slowness' of yoga will do well in Ashtanga-inspired classes.
Hatha / Hatha Flow
  Hatha classes vary greatly from teacher to teacher, however, hatha tends to be a slower practice than Ashtanga yoga, and the postures (asana) are generally held for longer than five breaths. When I teach Hatha, the class starts slowly, coming into breath before motion, and then building motion up from the flow of breath; smoothly transitioning from posture to posture, from the floor to standing work and back again to relax and release. Postures will be sustained so that the benefits of yoga are achieved on an organic level, and the rhythm of the class will allow each student to find both challenge and release suitable for their own body. Students can look forward to a long savasana, or perhaps a restorative pose, to close the class. For every level, expect to feel worked, stretched, and completely softened.

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