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Ailidh is a professional, Yoga Alliance-certified, yoga instructor. She has been studying yoga since her early teens. One of the great pleasures in her life is to share yoga through teaching: yoga has been an invaluable tool in her own life, as a place to find physical health, energy, patience and focus. From an athletic background herself (baseball, soccer, and competitive swimming), she has been privileged to teach yoga to the public as well as to McGill’s varsity and amateur athletes. Her classes will make you sweat, and leave you feeling strong, energized, and eased!

Ailidh is happy to offer all of her classes with one, two or three languages of instruction (english / francais / espanol), please just inquire about the language you desire.

Instructions disponibles en français où désirez. Mon français n'est pas tout à fait parfait, mais les corrections sont bien venues! En fait, nous sommes tous des étudiants dans la vie!

Instrucciones disponibles en español si quiere. Hay simplemente que decírmelo antes de la clase, y por favor, sea paciente: soy una estudiante de literatura española, así que mi vocabulario es más bien académica y no es nada perfecto, sobretodo al hablar. Sin embargo, me gustaría practicar y mejorar. ¡Espero que usted me ayude! En la vida, ¡somos todos estudiantes!



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